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It is clear that it is inappropriate to consider ways of entering a desired university “illegally” (or on a commercial basis). Nevertheless there are some variants to get rid of difficulties and stresses connected with overcoming of a competitive barrier at enter. One of the ways is purposeful preparation for study at the selected university:

  • Due to special classes or courses connected to this university;
  • Due to preliminary courses.

How to Pass an Exam Successfully? Some Important TipsBut it is even better to support these ways of entering with sound preparation in profile subjects. Here you will be helped by textbooks, grants and directories.

It is quite good to support also the positions at receipt, participating and trying to win competitions of school students.

Beginning preparation for examination, it is important to distribute correctly all the efforts and time. First of all it is necessary to read attentively the program of your high school and to be provided by necessary textbooks and grants. To begin repetition it is necessary to start from those questions which seem the most uninteresting or were the most difficult. After preliminary (fact-finding) reading, turn to careful study of the idea of questions under the textbook, the directory, the grant, to the abstract, thus you underline the important fragments and central concepts.

On the day before examination once again see through all the writings, separately study material which demands storing, repeat formulas, definitions, terms, retell those questions which you think you know worst of all. Just do not sit over the textbook late at night before examination: it usually does not bring desirable results.

Thinking about our advices will positively assist you with passing every one of the exams effectively, splendidly and with high stamps. Remember, that fruitful study in university starts from summarizing all the previous knowledge and learning new o its basis, and exam marks will show you your level and in some cases it will point you at your weak places.

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