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To attain good grades, a student has to be well organized and demonstrate commitment to working hard through out the academic calendar.
Good grades in college do not just come on a silver platter. A student who seeks for success has to work hard so as to achieve the good grades. There is no short cut to success in academic work. For a student to achieve success, there are fundamental things that need to be well taken care off in the course of studies.

Choice of courses

The choice of course made by a student, is a determining factor to the kind of grades that can be attained from the courses. In college a student is exposed to wide variety of courses both the compulsory ones and the selective. The abilities of the student should be the guiding principle in the selection process to make sure that the right course in which one is comfortable are made.Causion has to be taken during selection to avoid overloading yourself with so much workload. Overloading yourself with courses is not associated with good grades.


Planning for good grades is an important aspect that differentiates between the serious students and the less serious ones. A good student has to allocate time for important studying activities during the free time. This is normally facilitated through a personal timetable that guides the student especially during the time when there are no lectures or other college timetable activities. Indeed planning is important in the sense that it leads to proper organization of work hence good grades at the end of the term. It prevents students from being overwhelmed by extra-curricular activities. Through planning, an individual should be able to stick to the required schedule for success in all the subjects.

Time management

It is important to emphasize that success is based on how well an individual manages the available time. While in college, it is vital to dedicate most of the time to academic work. Other things should be only considered after academic work has already been done. When time is well managed, all lecturers are attended and adequate revision is done so as to get good grades. Good time management helps a lot to avoid last minute rush when the exams are around the corner. With well managed time, examinations are approached with boldness and confidence.

Class attendance

Lecturers are a very important aspect in the process of pursuing good grades. Evaluation of students in colleges is normally based on the content that is presented during the lecturing process. Students who miss out on a significant amount of lectures are unlikely to attain good grades. It is vital to underscore that professors are not very keen on the students who miss classes. However missing a number of classes means that an individual looses out on important information needed to pass exams. In the classes the professors are likely to provide tips on good revision and if a student misses such tips then they cannot be captured in future.

Attendance alone in class does not lead to good grades. The greater efforts call for paying attention during the lecturer sessions. Good attention paying during lecturer makes work easier because most of the facts sink deep into the memory. Lack of attention in class leaves a lot of work for the student to go through revision to grasp the contents.

Study habits

Good grades are the products of good study habits. Students must cultivate the culture of reading wide beyond what is presented by the professors in class. Studying while taking short notes has been known to produce excellent results amongst students. Students are therefore advised to be having a pen and a paper whenever they are studying. Such habit often increases the scope of understanding of concepts and adequately prepares students for tackling different questions in an exam situation.

Wide consultations

For good grades to be attained, a habit of consultation with professors and colleagues is very important. This means that the student has to establish good relationships with the professors and fellow students. Areas that require clarification should be made without haste. With consultations, the sense of confidence is instilled and leads to the tackling of exams with a lot of boldness and confidence since the doubts are all gone.

Finally when it comes to the examinations, students are advised to avoid panicking in the exam room as this can interfere with the recall process. Good grades are attained when the students carefully go through the instructions before starting to tackle the individual questions. For an individual to score highly in a paper, it is often wise to start with the easy questions first when the memory is still fresh. As indicated by Wayne Weiten (2007), Good habits in the examination also contribute to excellent results in the papers.

In conclusion, it is worth maintaining that it is only the organized students who plan ahead of their time and commit themselves towards working hard for good grades in their college examinations. Therefore students must start preparing adequately for good grades at the beginning of the college calendar. They should also follow all the advice that is given free of charge by their professors in the specific subject areas. Students should also understand that college grades would determine the course of path of their future careers; hence there is need to score highly in all their subjects while in college.

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