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Choosing the CollegeEveryone knows that college years are the most exiting years in people’s life. Apart from this college is a turning point in teenagers’ life which defines the future occupation and, in fact, the whole life.

Common problems of teenagers while choosing the college

It is possible to distinguish three major problems. What are these problems? First of all, the majority of teenagers face the problem of occupation choice. The second problem is the problem of choosing the college itself.

Finally, the third problem teenagers can face is parents’ choice. In this case teenagers usually know what they want to do in their life and already have chosen the college, but their parents for some reasons have different point of view, making their child enter some specific college, choosing some specific profession. Of course, it is important to listen to their advice, though if a teenager is sure in his/her decision, he/she needs to hold his/her ground.

The first two problems are frequently discussed and there are many tips for solving them. The third problem, though being quite frequent, is almost untouched. Thus, some tips for teenagers facing this very problem can be helpful.

How to overcome the generation gap in choosing the college?

Some teenagers especially girls become hysterical and strain parents’ nerves by weeping. This variant could be helpful for a five-year-old child in the supermarket, but not in this case. The best way to make parents change their mind is to discuss the situation as grown-up people.

First of all you should prepare for such discussion, think over your arguments, and work on the answers for questions your parents are likely to ask. Your arguments should be logic and convincing, it is possible to use some figure and pictures promoting your choice. Of course, there is no place for threats and begging.

If the discussion was held and parents did not change their mind, a teenager should prepare for the next discussion, which is to be prepared more thoroughly, taking into consideration points of the previous discussion.

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