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College Admission

admin_ucmerced/ October 30, 2018/ College Articles

Being successful so far has been through combination of many factors. The history of my family and the environment I have been living in has played a pivotal role in my success. Since my very young days, my parents have always emphasized on quality education. This does not only mean attending schools but also putting enough efforts to be the

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Choosing the College: Overcoming the Generation Gap!

admin_ucmerced/ October 25, 2018/ College Articles

Everyone knows that college years are the most exiting years in people’s life. Apart from this college is a turning point in teenagers’ life which defines the future occupation and, in fact, the whole life. Common problems of teenagers while choosing the college It is possible to distinguish three major problems. What are these problems? First of all, the majority

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Student-Teacher Relations

admin_ucmerced/ October 20, 2018/ College Articles

Studying process is not easy. Ask any student and the answer will be pretty much the same. It is not easy to cope with all the tasks and assignments given at the university on time, therefore there is no free time left. The absence of rest results into over exhaustion which prevents you from getting the most out of your

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How to Pass an Exam Successfully? Some Important Tips

admin_ucmerced/ October 15, 2018/ College Articles

It is clear that it is inappropriate to consider ways of entering a desired university “illegally” (or on a commercial basis). Nevertheless there are some variants to get rid of difficulties and stresses connected with overcoming of a competitive barrier at enter. One of the ways is purposeful preparation for study at the selected university: Due to special classes or

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How To Get Good Grades In College

admin_ucmerced/ October 10, 2018/ College Articles

To attain good grades, a student has to be well organized and demonstrate commitment to working hard through out the academic calendar. Good grades in college do not just come on a silver platter. A student who seeks for success has to work hard so as to achieve the good grades. There is no short cut to success in academic

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